I’m Tony Bacigalupo, and this is my home on the web. You may know me as co-founder and Mayor of New Work City, a fab coworking space I helped start in 2008. I also run the Coworking Community NYC Meetup and am on the board of the NY Tech Meetup, the world’s largest Meetup group. I also coauthored a book called I’m Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete.

If you want to get to know me and my story a little better, consider reading this interview with Shareable or listening to this in-depth audio interview.

Need help with your coworking space?

I’ve been collaborating with coworking space owners from around the world since 2007. I consider each of us to be crucial agents in the development of the support systems we’re going to need to help people transition into the new workforce. If you count yourself among our ranks and think you could use my help.

Need help managing yourself?

I work directly with independents in New York City to help them do a better job of managing themselves. Whether it’s through evaluating priorities and developing better systems for personal management, or through helping someone get the most out of their membership at a coworking space, I love helping people get a better handle on making self-management an easier and healthier thing. Email me: tony [at] nwc.co!