Amit Update: Party Recap and New Ways You Can Help

Brown Bones Benefit Party for Amit

Check out all the great photos from the photo booth here!

Just a few weeks in, and the response has been absolutely incredible. Amit’s story has captivated the attention of the mass media and inspired participation from people around the world, with new efforts popping up every day. Here’s a quick compendium of updates:

The party was awesome.

I’ve hosted a lot of parties, but this one was unlike any other. The people who arrived were not just partygoers looking for a good time, but people who were legitimately there to participate and help. The energy was unique and incredible. We swabbed over 150 people, and in total raised over $4,000 in donations to put toward the costs of the test kits so far.

Thanks again to the fine folks at, and Brooklyn Brewery for their support!

It’s not too late to donate.

You can now donate directly to Be the Match to support Amit’s cause by donating here! This way, your donations will be tax deductible, and I won’t have to be nervous about handling more money :)

Bid on this!

Bid on a golden teapot to support Amit. Seriously.

I met Joey Roth at a Jelly at Amit’s apartment four years ago, when he was piloting a new kind of teapot he called Sorapot. It’s since become a huge hit, and Joey has built a hell of a career for himself. To support Amit, Joey has crafted special 24 karat gold-plated Sorapots and offered them up for auction. The first one is available here. Get bidding!

A new clearinghouse has been established.

Head to AmitGuptaNeedsYou.comfor the basics on getting a test kit, organizing a drive of your own, international information, FAQ, a calendar, and other ways you can help. This was the first of what we anticipate will be several events here in NYC. Email isurusen at if you’re interested in participating in future efforts!

Fun with photobooth.

Seriously, we may have had too much fun with the photo booth.

  • Sharath Chandra

    That was some great turnout Tony! You guys did a heck of a job!  maybe a swab drive downtown by #occupywallst ??

  • paramendra

    @SuperAmit, Super Swabbed  

  • Jeffrey Paul

    Can someone who organized the party get in touch with me please. Me and my friends are planning to throw another event for the same cause, and we wanted to some help figuring out logistics.