Energy Crisis

I was listening to the “California State of Mind” playlist on Rdio when I encountered a song by Josh Martinez that struck me. I couldn’t find the lyrics to the song anywhere online, so I transcribed them here.

There are multiple verses, but the main one I’ve transcribed here starts at 1:41. Listen along with the YouTube & Rdio embeds below.

Energy Crisis

As my resources get depleted and nothing gets completed
My attention is spent on things that don’t need it
See the problem is the robbin’ of my time is so common that it’s not even thought of as a crime
Try to find just an hour that I can call mine

And take ownership of all the shit that I should be finishing
Instead of being banished to the back shelf and wallowing in limbo
As my edge begins to dull, my mind grows simple

I used to keep it nimble reading multiple novels
But now my mental stimulation comes from movie stars and models
In a pre-packaged plastic, easy to digest, my reading has digressed to the grade 3 level

And my favorite TV channels are headline news and headline sports
The scores are important, no time for views
‘Cause what’s right is difficult to choose so I smile at the water cooler and ignore the issues

168 hours in the week and a third of those are spent on sleep
We’re now down to 112, with 40 spent in a suit
5 more for my lunch break, and 10 for the commute

That’s 55 on work, and 57 left
10 watching tv and 10 surfing the net (nerd)
At least 10 with my girlfriend to keep things fresh

And that’s less than 27 hours left
I might go and see a movie or hang out with some friends
And now my free time is whittled down to 10

10 hours a week to write rhymes make beats
Go dig and run a label man it’s no small feat

So ask me if I’m packing it in and I respond with a grin
It’s all fun but I’m lacking in energy