I just posted the below update to attendees of tonight’s Rise of Independents event with Chris Guillebeau.

Hello attendees!

Tonight, a brilliant group of people are going to gather to discuss a topic which is hugely important to our future: the emergence of a workforce unlike any we’ve seen before. With 29 million people in the US out of work, countless students graduating this month, and many more unhappy with the work they do, we’re in serious need of some fresh ideas.

Why are we gathering tonight? Because we are the people who are going to devise those fresh ideas, and we are the people who are going to figure out how to share those ideas with the world.

Where do we begin? Here in New York and around the world, coworking communities have emerged as early gathering places of folks who are forgoing traditional employment in favor of doing work on their terms. Within them lie precious insights into the future of how people will work. Brian DiFeo, community manager of the Hive at 55, has witnessed these insights firsthand and will share what he’s learned.

This emergence is powered in large part by the tremendous opportunities afforded us by all of our most recent technological advancements, which today make it easier than ever for anyone to start a business. In his new book, the $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau offers a blueprint for what he calls “a mircobusiness revolution– a way of earning a good living while crafting a life of independence and purpose.” Few are better equipped to show people how to craft that life than Chris.

These opportunities are not limited to an enterprising few anymore; they are the beginnings of an infrastructure for a fundamentally new way of thinking about the role work plays in our lives.

Tonight, as we gather to consider these things, I ask that you think of this not just as an opportunity to listen to others speak, but as a call to action. The world doesn’t change itself; it changes when we step up to create a better future for ourselves and each other. Let’s get cracking!

See you soon!

 Rise of the Independents: Supporting the new workforce
Date: Tonight at 7:00 PM
Location: New Work City – 412 Broadway, Floor 2 (map)
Subways: NQR 6 JZ ACE 1 to Canal Street
Hashtag: #riseofindies

Tony Bacigalupo
Mayor, New Work City
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