New memberships, now with more awesome.

For the past four months, something remarkable has been happening in lots of individually unremarkable moments. Members, largely though our new experiment in Cotivation (like “motivation” but with a ‘c’), have been helping each other advance themselves in countless and increasingly valuable ways.

It all started with a simple premise: get a group together once a week to talk about what you want to accomplish and what’s holding you back. Inevitably, people identify challenges they share in common. They find themselves naturally discussing ways they can help each other tackle these challenges.

Members have been getting work done that they’ve been putting off for months. They’ve been figuring out how to find and engage customers after struggling for ages. They’ve been figuring out how to chart a course for themselves and set clear goals when they’ve been lost. They’ve been self-oganizing sessions around business development, visual brainstorming, maker time, and even just to force themselves to do things they really really want to avoid.

They’ve been sharing their thoughts and hopes and dreams and, perhaps most importantly, their fears. They’ve been building stronger bonds, celebrating successes, and maybe sharing a few beers and whiskeys along the way.

In short, they’ve been doing all of the things that embody what New Work City is all about. It’s literally my dream come true.

Our community has always done a good job of helping each other with things, but now it’s at an entirely new level.

Coworking is about far more than finding new ways to share space. It’s the foundation for a new infrastructure for the in(ter)dependent workforce. Now, we’re taking another step in that direction.

New Memberships 

Today, we’re launching new memberships that incorporate what we’ve learned with Cotivation into the onboarding process, so every single new member of New Work City can more easily get the most out of (and give the most to) the community they’re joining.

The real value we have to offer each other here, after all, is in the form of Participation. It’s one of the five core values of the coworking movement, and is perhaps the most important, because it’s the active ingredient that catalyzes everything else.

From now on, no one should be joining New Work City simply because they’re looking for a cheap desk to rent. Every new member will be invited to participate in a way that works best for them, whether by attending an in-person gathering or introducing themselves in our online discussion group. Regardless, we’ll be focusing our energy on making it clear that our community is here to help people accomplish their goals and achieve a better balance in their lives.

The new memberships cost a little bit more than the previous ones did. Since making some adjustments shortly after launching in our new space, we haven’t raised prices or really done much of anything with our membership structure in the last two and a half years. We don’t generate much profit, so every few bucks goes a long way in ensuring we can stay sustainable as we go. Given all of the improvements we’ve made to the community and to the space, I have little doubt that anyone who signs up for membership can get far, far more than their money’s worth out of their experience here.

Current members will be grandfathered at the current rate for the foreseeable future.

We’re still not treating New Work City as a growth venture. We’re still not trying to maximize financial profitability. We’re still a community first and a business second. We’re still doing it our way, and answering to no one but each other. And we’re having an awesomer time than ever.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Peter, Danza, and the rest of the community to continue making New Work City a better place to be.

Let me know your thoughts!