Cotivation Season 4 starts today with a new format!

I just sent this out to New Work City’s discussion group and cross-posted it here for observers and non-members who might be interested in joining!

Howdy folks! We completed our third “season” of Cotivation last Monday, which means today is time for a fresh start! If you’ve never participated in Cotivation before, or would like to re-engage, now is a great time to do so! It’s free to all subscribed members and super easy to join; just show up and we’ll go from there!

We discussed a lot of really good ideas last week around how we can make the next around better. Today, I’d like for us to experiment with adding some more structure to the conversations, so we can keep things moving and set proper expectations up front. Based on what we discussed, I propose a format as described below (using the 4:30 group as an example):

Cotivation Season 4 – New Meeting Format
4:30 – Quick standup-style checkin
  • Limit 15 people – if more, split up
  • Each person has one minute to do a fast recap:
    • What you did since the last meeting
    • What you’re going to do before the next meeting
    • What’s holding you back
4:45 – Breakout support sessions
  • Max 5 people per group, 9 minutes per person
  • Each person will have an opportunity to discuss their own goals and challenges in more detail
  • Identify key issues & ideas to bring to the group
5:30 – Regroup
  • At least one person from each group reports back with ideas and challenges
  • Group brainstorm session around common themes
6:00 – Go home!
  • Or to dinner, drinks, or whatever you prefer to do on a Monday at 6:00.
  • We’ll aim to strictly be done by 6:00, if not sooner.
Goal Tracking
I’m also going to work on some ideas for better and more detailed goal and progress tracking in the space. I’m still thinking it through, but here’s a fuzzy idea of what I’m angling towards:
  • Three stages of goals:
    • Long-term aspirations – Can be very clear or very fuzzy, but something in the big picture to guide you
    • Medium-term objectives – Well-defined achievements you want to work towards achieving on a finite time frame
    • Short-term goals – Specific things to focus on now
  • Each stage provides a different lens from which to view what you’re working on and where you’re going with it.
  • In paper, on the walls, where we can all see it and update it.
  • Goals can be professional or personal.
Still working on that a bit today.
I’m really really excited by all of the great things that have been coming from the past few months of experimenting with this. I believe that, over time, we can develop some sustainable structures that can really help us achieve better balance and greater success with our respective independent efforts.
Hope to see you later today!