I just sent this message out to the members of the Coworking Community NYC Meetup. Enjoy!

Hi there! If you’re receiving this, you’re one of the 1,854 members of the Coworking Community NYC Meetup. Whether you’ve been a member since 2007 or you just joined today or somewhere in between, we’re grateful to have you as a part of this group.

By joining this group, you’ve identified yourself as someone who is interested in this growing-like-wildfire-but-still-very-new notion of coworking. That means you have something in common with at least 1,853 other people in the NYC area. The reality is, there are a lot more of us out there too.

Coworking is important, because it gives us a way to help each other with things we might otherwise struggle with on our own. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been conducting experiments into developing new ways for us to use the coworking model to enable us to connect and be inspired. Already, 13 organizers have hosted 21 gatherings in 10 venues around the city. Check out my rundown in this blog post: http://happymonster.co/?p=366

What kinds of coworking gatherings would you want to join for

While a lot of our gatherings have functioned as fun one-off field trips, some of the more sustainable gatherings are the ones that focus on one particular commonality. Whether it’s game designers and developers meeting after hours, or people working on side projects, or people who like working in museums, there’s always one common thread. I think we can take that a lot further. We could be gathering in tons of other permutations of interest, timing and geography. To that end, I’d love it if you could hit REPLY with your answer to these questions: What are you needing? What kinds of gatherings would you like to participate in? What kinds of gatherings might you want to help organize? Reply to this email and let us know!

My hope is that by fostering gatherings of people with something specific in common, we can develop a robust set of sub-communities that form strong bonds. This paves the way to more good things down the line. In the meantime, here’s what’s currently on the calendar:

Upcoming Gatherings

  • Take your online business to the next level
    Monday, June 30 at 1:00pm at Vineapple // Hosted by Patty // Free
    Have you just started your online business, have you been at it for a few years or are you somewhere in between? Patty wants to meet up with you and talk business as a group of online (solo) entrepreneurs. We’ll share our experiences and best tips and tricks and support each other to take things to the next level. Details & join the wait list: http://meetu.ps/2pyh68
  • NY Tech Meetup Simulcast
    Tuesday, July 1 at 6:30pm at New Work City // Hosted by Veronica // $10
    See people show off some neat new things they’ve built while meeting new people over some beers. This group just crossed 40,000 members! Details & RSVP: http://meetu.ps/2qzr9T
  • MoCoWo: Coworking on a Train to Beacon NY & Dia Beacon Museum
    Wednesday, July 9, departing from Grand Central at 9:30am // Hosted by Nate & Jen // Free, but there are train tickets and other costs.
    The second of our summer MoCoWo (mobile coworking) events is going to be a trip up north to relieve some of the summer heat. This time, we’re headed to Beacon NY (unofficial slogan; “Mmmmm. Beacon.”) which is located about an hour and a half outside of the city. Details & RSVP: http://meetu.ps/2qcbWd
  • Side Project Jam Session
    Monday, July 14 at 6:30pm at New Work City // Hosted by Tony // Free to NWC members, $10 to public
    You have a job to do. But then there’s also that other thing. That thing you can’t help but think about when you’re not supposed to. You doodle it into the margins of your notepad when you’re supposed to be paying attention in a meeting. You read about it on your lunch break. You stay up late, working when everyone else is sleeping. It’s your side project. Maybe one day it will be your main squeeze. If only you could squeeze out some time to focus just on that, amidst the endless daily distractions… Enter the after-hours side project jam session. Details & RSVP: http://meetu.ps/2qpMcv

Recruiting new members at New Work City

Back at our home base, we’re recruiting creative independents who are looking for a place to work and people to work with. If you’re interested, reply to this email and tell me your story. I’d love to help you go over your options.

Who are we?

I’m Tony Bacigalupo. I’m the one writing this to you. I’m one of the folks behind both this Meetup group and New Work City. Here at the Coworking Community NYC Meetup, fellow organizers Clarice Meadows, Nate Heasley, Jen Oleniczak, Patty Golsteijn, Nate Cooper, and Jim Hopkinson are all leading their own efforts at organizing gatherings. At New Work City, I work with Sarah Feliciano, our Space Captain extraordinaire, Leo Newball, Lara Schenck, and Patrick Domingo, our amazing Space Agents, Peter Chislett, my business partner and the guy who makes it all stick together, and Veronica Ludwig, who is developing new programming with us. We’re all people who, like you, are forgoing a traditional path in favor of one that’s in alignment with who we are and who we want to be.

If you’re interested, you can follow me on Twitter, or connect with New Work City on Twitter or Facebook.

Looking for some fun further reading? Our good friends at New Worker Magazine just launched their second issue, which is jam packed with great reads written by members of coworking communities all around the world.

Thanks for being a part of this group. We’re in this together.


Tony Bacigalupo & the crews of CCNYC & NWC


Photo by Lee Semel.


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