How fun would it be to take everything– everything– that goes into a complete support system for employees and see how we can make new, better equivalents for in(ter)dependent workers?

For a good long while now, I’ve been focused on this idea of a meta-corporation that looks like a traditional industrial employer, but is in fact completely different under the hood. Instead of existing as a hierarchy that funnels value upward to executives and shareholders, it would exist as a networked system that facilitates value transfer between peers.

It would still have all of the support structures of a traditional employer, but re-engineered for the needs of the new workforce.

So what would we call it?

It would have to sound a little corporate. If we’re going to be printing this on letterhead and putting it on the sides of buildings, it’s got to sound like something that could be well-established. Institutional, even.

It would have to be more than a little tongue-in-cheek. It could go so far as to be a living parody of everything that wasn’t so great about the old way of doing things. It could invite people to laugh a bit, and then wonder: “okay, but seriously though. How can we do this better?”

It would have to pass the Mom Test. That is, one should be able to tell their mom that they’re a part of this company and it would sound sufficiently secure and legitimate as to not make mom worry.

I’ve had a few ideas for what to call it, but I know there are some great ideas out there. What would you call this company?

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