The more coworking community organizers I speak to, the more I get the powerful feeling that, while new communities are starting daily and many are doing well on paper as workspaces, the culture and participation in these spaces are sorely lacking.

To that end, I’m kicking off a new effort that will give organizers a way to revitalize their community through a fairly simple but powerful program. See below to learn more!



Register by July 31 to participate!

The process follows three basic phases: Evaluate, Identify, and Implement. Each exercise will be valuable unto itself, with the following phase building on the previous.

noun_form_39234 1. EVALUATE  Fill out a questionnaire.
We begin by looking at how things currently work. What’s working well? What needs attention? What hasn’t been addressed at all? Let’s get a really good sense of how community works in your space right now, so we can make informed decisions as to how to proceed from here.How it works:
You’ll fill out an evaluation form with questions ranging from simple to in-depth. Responses will be used to guide the rest of the process.Timing:
Evaluation phase begins promptly after an engagement commences and ends after all of the necessary information has been gathered.
noun_meeting_19165 2. IDENTIFY – Meet for a 90 minute video call.
With all the necessary information in hand, we’ll now identify the best opportunities to make improvements to culture and operations. We’ll look at simple tactical shifts that will be highly impactful yet easy to implement, while also charting out longer-term goals to work towards over time.How it works:
We’ll meet over the phone or in person to discuss analysis of your evaluation and to determine actionable next steps.

We’ll coordinate a time to meet after you fill out the initial Evaluation.

noun_construction_2029 3. IMPLEMENTWe’ll send you recommendations for next steps..
We’ll work with you to develop a plan for implementing these changes in your space over the coming weeks and months. As you go through the process of implementation, we’ll check in regularly to assess progress and make necessary adjustments.How it works:
After our discussion, we’ll develop an Implementation Plan based on what we learned from our previous conversation.

The Implementation Plan will be delivered within one week of the completion of the Identify phase.

I’m offering this as an experimental pilot program for $250 for the first 5 registrants, then $450 for subsequent registrants. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at tony [at]

Ready to begin? Register now!

After the initial consultation, more in-depth work is available, from ongoing training to full-blown in-person transformational on-site takeovers, where my partner and I will invade your space and help run it for a short period of time.

Also, if you’re interested in boosting the culture in your coworking community, you can also check out the Cotivation licensing and training program I’m offering with my friend Susan.


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