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This week, I formally joined the team that runs Open Coworking.

Open Coworking is a nonprofit that has so far largely been focused on maintaining the global coworking movement’s public resources, like the Coworking Wiki Project, the Coworking Google Group, the Coworking Blog, the Coworking Visa, and others. These resources have been enormously impactful in helping people around the world discover and learn how to get involved in the world of coworking.

The maintenance of these resources is no small task, but it’s of paramount importance. And it has so far operated entirely through the generously donated time and energy of devoted volunteers.

My intention in joining is to help raise funds to hire people who will dedicate themselves to not just maintaining but actively improving the aforementioned resources.

Beyond that, I intend to help shape the organization into one that can do things few other organizations can: to actively advocate on behalf of the entire movement, and to help ensure that movement realizes its immense potential to improve the world’s relationship with work as we know it.

It’s a dream to have an opportunity to work at this level! Since discovering coworking in 2007, I’ve been completely enamored with it and its potential to do good. With this new undertaking, I am going to have a chance to carry that forward to many others.

To succeed in this, I’m going to need your help. I’m going to need your advice, I’m going to need your emotional support, and yes, I’m going to need your assistance finding people who are up for contributing some money to make this all work.

A little over two months ago, I closed New Work City. Now, I open a new kind of space–one that will give all of us a chance to steer a movement that has positively affected so many of us in the best possible direction, so that it may continue to enrich the lives of those who will find it in the future.

It’s big, it’s scary, it’s exciting. It’s time.

Who’s with me?

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