In the course of my travels, I’ve had occasion to meet with some of the most brilliant minds of the coworking world. Recently, I decided to start sharing the fruits of those conversations by finding time to turn on the recorder and┬ájust dive deep into what’s happening, the remarkable stories behind the people leading this movement, and of course where things are headed.

There’s unsurprisingly much to learn.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting audio (and, eventually, some video) interviews with some great minds in the coworking world. These are people who have each accomplished something remarkable and who have been involved in the coworking world for some time, so they have much wisdom to share.

I’ll update the list of┬ápeople I’m interviewing as I go. Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far:

Upcoming interviews


Steve King of Emergent Research


Kevin Penstock of The Profile in Vancouver


Tonya Surman of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto and NYC

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