Hi friends! In case you’re curious, here’s what’s happening in my world at the start of the new year:


I want to do work that helps people, in a way that sheds ego and expectations, and doesn’t buckle under the pressure of needing to make lots of money right away.

I want to focus on feeling and being purposeful. There’s a lot of important work to be done. I know I can help people build better communities. I know I can help people be happier in general. But I don’t want to be false in how I approach that.

I can see a place I want Coworking to go, and along with it the world’s relationship with work and each other as we know it. I want to see how I can work towards that in a way that is harmonious.

I want to settle and have a sense of home with Amy, in a truer way than anything we’ve had since we met. I want to seek a sense of belonging and community and friendship, but not be too attached to grabbing at it right away. Seek it but let it find me.


  • Moved to Boulder!
  • Healthy in body
  • Wanting to find a better relationship with work
  • Wanting to develop a better sense of:
    • Belonging
    • Community
    • Friendship
  • Working on maintaining and growing healthy relationships with Amy and with family
  • Wanting to find a balance of wanting consistency and sense of home (in Boulder) vs. desire to do things that require travel (visiting Amy’s family, my family, friends, potential consulting clients)


  • Open Coworking
    • Developing management structure
    • Working on idea for local.coworking.com
    • Working on unified brand for coworking
  • Consulting
    • Working with Vi Hub at Bell Works in Holmdel
    • Working with a new destination coworking space in Montenegro
    • Growing relationship with Ashley & the 312 Main project in Vancouver
  • Cotivation
    • Working with Susan on retooling the program for 2016


  • Open Coworking
    • Make progress on all of the above things
    • Set healthy boundaries, so my work on it doesn’t consume more time than I can afford but also doesn’t fall into neglect
  • Consulting
    • Complete existing engagements
    • Set up the next engagements to be even better aligned with my interests, strengths, and goals
    • Take on at least one new virtual consulting client
    • Take on at least one new local consulting client in Boulder
  • Cotivation
    • (Basically what I said above)
  • GCUC Radio!
    • This month, I”ll be kicking off a new podcasting project with GCUC. It will mark my first formal working relationship with an organization I’ve been deeply involved with from the very beginning, plus I get to get back into broadcast! I think it’s going to be really really fun and great.
  • New creative work
    • Develop ideas for new work directions that take into account the lessons I’ve learned in 2016:
      • Don’t try to make something big fast
      • Don’t try to force something that people aren’t ready for
      • Don’t worry about expectations and ego
      • Do seek work that feels natural and right
    • Possible projects:
      • CoBoss shared structure system for indie workers
      • “NWCx” franchise-like resource/club for new & existing coworking organizers
      • CompetiCleanse
  • Boulder
    • (See previous item)
    • Organize fun things
      • Dynamic Coworking Meetup
      • Explore Fake Startup Weekend idea
    • Attend fun things
      • Sangha
      • Get to know Boulder better
  • Relationship
    • Make healthy transition into living together with Amy
    • Practice
      • Setting & communicating boundaries
      • Speaking from a place of truth and integrity
      • Keeping commitments
      • Being on time to things
      • Staying out of blame space
    • Read Conscious Loving Ever After & discuss progress
      • Sundays
      • 5th of the month



  • Discipline
  • Financial planning & prudence
  • Planning ahead
  • Being proactive and not reactive

It’s easy to be foolishly optimistic on the first day of the new year. But it’s also lame to be unnecessarily pessimistic. Change is possible. In fact, it’s inevitable. Today’s a great day to start playing with new approaches, to start new streaks, and to play with the fact that every day is truly a new opportunity.

Sending you love, wherever you are!


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