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Happy New Year! If you’re managing a community, the start of a new year is a tremendous opportunity to reconvene your community, welcome new members, and chart the course for the coming year. People are often in a mentality of looking at how to shift their identity, whether by losing weight or getting up earlier or getting out of the house and joining a new coworking community.

That means there’s an opportunity for you to invite those people to make your community a part of that new identity. People want to lose weight, but they know they’re almost certain to fail. Do your community members have something they can offer each other? Accountability? Encouragement? Tips?

What about people who, fresh from the holidays and perhaps a change of job or of living situation, are looking for a new community to join? How can you set yourself up to welcome them with open arms?

In this edition, I’ll be aiming straight for the kinds of things that will welcome both current and existing members to integrate more with fellow community members in ways that align with the kinds of things already on their minds: the start of a new year, and the fact that it’s (depending on where you are in the world) rather cold and dark outside.

Ready? Here goes!


A New Year-related Conversation Starter

Post these in your online forums or use them as topics to bring up when you talk to members in your space. Feel free to copy and paste!


How are you tackling your New Year?


Hey there, coworkers! Happy New Year!

What kinds of systems are you using to make and keep New Year’s resolutions this year? Does anyone have a handy new resource to share?

As for me, I’m practicing getting up earlier and using Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning to get a head start on my day. The book highly recommends using an accountability buddy, so if anyone wants to practice something similar with me, let me know!

Space Captain Daisy

Of course, replace the placeholder paragraph with something that’s yours. The more personal and inviting, the better!


A 2016 Planning Coworking Session

Use this event template to gather members (and perhaps prospective members) to do some 2016 planning together.


Kick your new year off right with a 2016 planning session!


Want to kick off the New Year right? We’ll be gathering for a special coworking session on Monday, January 11 from 10:00am to 12:00pm in the front cafe area. Bring your notebooks, your ideas and any handy resources you’re planning on using to help you follow through with your intentions for the new year!

Need inspiration? We’ll have some helpful resources on-hand, including:

We’ll start off by going around and briefly introducing ourselves and our current plans, if any, and then dive into a coordinated, focused coworking session to work on our plans alongside one another. At the end of our session, we’ll discuss how we did, answer any burning questions, then break for lunch

RSVP is free to members and $10 for everyone else.

Of course, customize the date and time and specifics to your heart’s content.

If you decide to organize something along these lines, make sure to look for opportunities to empower and encourage self-organizing amongst members wherever possible. The more the members feel permission to take an active role in running their own gatherings, the more self-sustaining and robust your community will become.


A fun winter gathering to kick the cold weather blues

Every season comes with its strengths and weaknesses. This is a time when, for many of us, it’s darker and colder than any other time all year. That means you have a chance to make your community a warm and glowing beacon for people to break out of their cooped-up winter lives with some fun activities!


  • Hot chocolate pot luck!
    • Bring your favorite ingredient: raw cacao, chocolate, milk, non-milk alternative, marshmallows, (…brandy?) and mash it up with what everyone else brings for a warm and chocolatey good time! Does anyone want to melt some chocolate in a pot on the stove?
  • Hot toddy lessons
    • Warm up with a classic winter drink after work on Thursday, January 14 starting at 5:00pm in the kitchen. We’ll show you how to make your own, so you get to control just how boozy and honey-ful you want your drink to be!
  • Waffle Wednesday!
    • You’ve given up on your New Year’s resolution diet by now, right? Warm up your morning with a crispy gooey Belgian waffle, freshly made from our waffle iron*. RSVP by emailing Space Captain Daisy with a favorite waffle ingredient you can bring to help us put together the topping station!

*(your coworking space has a waffle iron, right?)

Shameless plug: Now is the absolute best time to start a Cotivation group. If you haven’t heard me describe it before, it’s a simple but extremely powerful accountability program for members of coworking spaces, and it’s perfect for catching folks who are working on resolutions and looking for a community to connect with. My collaborator Susan and I are recruiting new organizers this month. Learn more about Cotivation here.

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