About Tony Bacigalupo

Speaking at an event in Tokyo.

New Work City, where the magic happens.

Inc Magazine, October 2010. That’s Tony in the green!

I am on a mission fix the world’s relationship with work. Peruse my presi-festo here! For the past five years, I have run a coworking space called New Work City in NYC. Completely free of outside influence and open to all, it is the result of the collective participation and support of a wide array of community members who share a common desire to share and collaborate in a new way.

I also teach an online course in community building alongside my good friend Alex Hillman. It’s called the Community Builder Masterclass, and I’m really enjoying having the opportunity to work with amazing people all over the world.

Beyond the walls of New Work City, I have worked with the Downtown Alliance to conceive and develop the Hive at 55, the world’s first coworking space built and run by a Business Improvement District. I also co-authored a book called “I’m Outta Here – How Coworking is Making the Office Obsolete” to provide a snapshot of the rapidly growing global movement, and led panels on similar topics at various conferences including SXSW 2009, 2010, and 2011. As one of the early active participants in the coworking movement, I’ve advised countless coworking spaces around the world.I’ve also organized and co-organized a bunch of things, from BarCampNYCs and TEDxNWC events. I also once made a popular parody pitch deck called Color.xxx

New Work City and I have been featured in a wide variety of press, including the Wall Street JournalNY TimesNPREntrepreneur MagazineNY1ObserverWeb Worker DailyDiscovery, and on the cover of Inc Magazine.

If you want to help me make the world awesomer, hit me up!

“A Home of Their Own”