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“I’ve had a long time to make enemies, doctor. There are many governments, business interests, even religious leaders that would like to see me depart this Earth. I’ll grant them their wish soon enough. But before I do, I wish to make a small contribution- a final gesture of goodwill to the people of this little planet who have given- from whom I have taken- so much.”

– S.R. Hadden, Contact

I woke up thinking about this:

1. Steve Jobs is one of the most creative geniuses of our time. From early GUIs to the mouse to multitouch and the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and more, this guy has been behind some amazing stuff.

2. He is also a crazy revolutionary kind of dude. He started Apple with a fierce passion for sticking it to the man and changing the world.

3. He controls a company that has 70 billion dollars in cash.

Combine those three things, and what do you get?

If we brainstormed all the ways we could spend Apple and Steve’s 70 billion dollars, we could come up with a lot of ideas. We could come up with radically ambitious, wild, crazy things that could influence any of a number of world issues drastically.

But it’s unlikely any of us would come up with anything as original as an iPad.

In other words, Steve’s a smart and creative guy in a way that no one else is– and he is in control of an increasingly ludicrous amount of money. What he does with that money is anyone’s guess, but it’s entirely possible that he could do something drastic with it that no one else could have ever possibly imagined– just like he’s done with everything else.

Wouldn’t it be boring to hear that Steve decided to take his billions and donated it to some charity?

With a health crisis looming, Steve may very well be thinking about this right now.

If you had a ton of money, a fierce passion to change the world, and not a lot of time left on this earth, what radical thing would you do?