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A lot of people have given me and NWC so much to get us to where we are today. Hundreds of people have poured their time, money, blog posts, tweets, car rides, manual labor, expertise, advice, spare belongings, weekends, emotion, energy, and so much more into something that they believe in.

For many, this is an investment into something that they intend to continue to participate in and benefit from. We’re now a much bigger group of people who all have a shared interest in making NWC succeed. For some, the help they’ve given NWC has been purely out of an interest in seeing it become a success– even if, because of geographic, professional, or other circumstances, they might never be able to┬áparticipate in or┬ábenefit from it directly themselves.

People have done things that I’ve barely had a chance to thank them for. There are emails in my inbox waiting for responses that just have to wait.

I don’t really know how to properly repay or even acknowledge the people who deserve it. I’m certain, actually, that I can’t.

This frustrates me a lot.

One thing I know I can do is to continue to do everything in my power to make NWC what we all want and need it to be. It will never be perfect, but it will always be ours, and I’ll always be working on making it a better and better.

We open for business on Wednesday. A lot of the space won’t be pretty, and a lot of it won’t be finished. But it will improve every single day.

Starting Wednesday, I will be setting out to give back. Not just to the people who have helped to date, but to people just discovering us for the first time. The best thing I can do, I think, is to pay it forward and try my best to be what everyone expects me to be.

Thank you, all of you, for everything you’ve done for me and for NWC. I’m humbled by your overwhelming love and support. I can’t say I’m convinced that I deserve it all, but I’m going to do my best to earn it.