In earlier crises around the world, members of NYC’s tech community have stepped up to build solutions to help with relief efforts. Now, the crisis is literally in our own backyard. In the face of tremendous challenges in the days and weeks and months ahead, we have an opportunity to contribute our unique capabilities to help those who need assistance with their technology needs, and to build better ways to assist those who are coordinating relief efforts. New Yorkers have shown time and again what they are really made of when faced with adversity. Now is our time to shine.

There are already an impressive array of efforts underway. The speed with which these early efforts have come together speaks to just how capable we are of doing more. I want to talk to anyone who wants to hack on solutions in the Prospect Heights / Park Slope area over the next day or so. Fill out the NYTM form below or ping me directly! Here’s a breakdown of the major efforts I’ve discovered so far:

NY Tech Meetup Coordination

I’ve worked with Jessica Lawrence of the NY Tech Meetup to build a basic form where we can collect information from people who have something to offer.

Update: #sandycoworking

People are gathering at spots with wifi and power. Follow the conversation here:

NY Tech Responds

Rob Underwood set up this site and tweeted about it to help coordinate efforts. More to come:


Coordinating efforts around the city. From their site’s main page:

#HurricaneHackers key links:

  1. Index:
  2. Linklist:
  3. Projects:
  4. Chat: IRC, Freenode, #hurricanehackers:

Local organizers have been putting together pages for the hardest-hit neighborhoods on

Occupy Notepad

Putting politics aside, the folks behind OWS have been out in force coordinating relief efforts online. They’re heavily involved in some of the above projects, and have also assembled a wiki here:
I’ll add more here as I find it!
Tony Bacigalupo
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