As we enter the fourth day of Sandy’s aftermath, countless New Yorkers are still without access to power, communications, and basic needs. This is an enormous crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Our neighbors are in need, and now is the time for us to do our part to help.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve corresponded with people connected to the Mayor’s office, City Council, FEMA, the Barclays Center, NY Tech Meetup,, Occupy, CrisisCamp, Entrepreneur Week, Twilio, the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (who are en route right now from Texas!) and countless other inpiduals who are stepping up to help.

The response by the NY Tech Community since the hurricane passed has been absolutely incredible. To see people I’ve only ever known by sharing beers at Meetups over the years now coming together in joint action is one of the most inspiring things I’ve experienced in a long time.

We’ve collected over 200 names of people who have technical skills and expertise and are ready to help. Now, today, it is time for us to take action.

Help us help those in need. Now.

A massive outreach effort is underway to connect those of us who are in a position to help with those who are in need. We have already identified a few projects to work on, but will be brainstorming new projects today.

About that new space…

Join us at NWC’s temporary Brooklyn HQ today & tomorrow

The fine folks at Brooklyn Brainery (seriously, they’re some of the most wonderful people ever) have welcomed us to use their beautiful space in Carroll Gardens as a temporary home base while we wait for our space in Manhattan to get its power and internet back.

For anyone in South Brooklyn, I encourage you to come by. Coworking in circumstances like these is awesomer than usual.

Brooklyn Brainery / NWC:BK
515 Court Street at 9th Street (map)
F/G to 4 Av / R to 9 St / B61 bus

We open at 10:00am today. Free and open to all NWC and BKBrains members/teachers and people committed to helping with relief efforts. If you’re none of those things, email me and ask nicely 🙂 tony at

Seriously, this place is lovely, and it’s all ours for now. Check it out:

  • For those of us in North Brooklyn, a similar effort is forming to gather people at the Secret Clubhouse. Crisis organizers Jessica Lawrence and Noel Hidalgo are making that their HQ; join them there if you can!
  • For more information on the ongoing recovery efforts, see my earlier post!

Let’s help our fellow New Yorkers in need!

Tony Bacigalupo
New Work City / Community Builder Masterclass / Let’s fix the stupid job crisis

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